Sports That Produce The Best of Each Body Part

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Some people may want a certain body part to look really good so I figured I would make a list of the sports that are known for producing the best of each. Don’t worry I did not do all the work I left a few open to see what you guys think? If you think I have anything wrong or you have a better idea leave a comment and let us know.

The Best of the Body Parts

Neck + Traps – Football

This one is really hard to argue in my eyes. When I look at a lot of football players they tend to have necks and traps that are just massive. It makes sense considering a weak neck in that sport is liable for serious injury.

Shoulders – Gymnastics

If you do not agree I guess you could go try and swing around the parellel bars or lift up and then try and do the iron cross on the rings then let me know how your shoulders feel.

Forearms – Wrestling

When I was in highschool I took an item from a wrestler at our school and he grabbed me and said “I am a wrestler I have crazy grip” I though he was joking but I seriously could not get him off of me. This is one of few sports that actually spends a lot of time in the weight room specifically working on their grip.

Back – Rowing

Get on a rowing machine and see how it feels. It is just constant development of the back.

Abs – Boxing

You can’t box and have flabby abs because those body shots will tire you out really fast. My weight coach here at ISU will always come by and hit me in the stomach whenever I do things like planks because it makes the abs fire harder when they get hit. Watch the abs fire when I get hit >>>>Best Ab Workout!!!

Buttocks – Speed Skating

My girl Alexandra Ianculescu is the first girl to introduce to the speed skating butt. I have been running track for a while now so its not like I have not seen a lot of nice ones LMAO. I remember she told me that during season she can’t even fit into jeans because her butt and legs get too big. I did not beleive it until I went to Calgary last summer and seen the whole low body in person… It is no joke.

Quads – Cycling or Soccer

Cycling get the best quads because I think of how I feel when I actually am forced to get on a bike and do a workout. The burn in my quads is one I can’t stand. I had to get soccer in there becauuse it definetly takes strength and power in the quad muscles to kick the ball like soccer players do. You guys help me decide who the winner should be for this on.

Hamstrings – Sprinters

When I was younger and my legs first started to develop I remember my dad saying that if he ever got lost in the woods with me and he had to eat me…he would start with the meat on my hamstrings. It was pretty disturbing to hear that from my father so yes, I slept with a rock as a child. Sprinters are notorious for working their hamstrings as much as they can to prevent injury to the hamstrings. Sprinting on its own has a way of developing hamstrings like nothing else.

Calves – ???

Triceps – ???

Biceps -???

Chest – ???

Leave a comment and let us know what you think should be the sports that produce the best calves, triceps, and chests in the business. If you think I was wrong on any of the other body parts let us know what you think is correct and give a reason why.

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About Ian Warner

Ian is a 23 year old from Toronto, beginning his professional athletic career. He is the co-owner of Cover Ground, a blog that discusses all aspects to be a better athlete and the line that clothes them. Ian is very active on his Twitter account.
  • Sheldon

    I wish there was also a Facebook share button for your blog posts so that I can share articles on my track clubs Facebook wall

    • Ian Warner

      Thanks for pointing that out to us Sheldon. We are working on making a share button instead of the like button just for you.

  • adam

    Best gut-Throwers
    Best biceps and triceps-throwes

    • Ian Warner

      Very Solid proof… No argument from me

  • Morgan Casey

    As for the calves… I’m gonna say perhaps ballet dancers. You wouldn’t think of them as a sport right away, but you try walking around on your toes for a few hours and I bet you’ll see my point of view. (Although tri-athletes are right up there too… #Jacked)

    And for chest I vote swimming. There is no way you can excel in something called the breast stroke without developing your pecs!

    • Ian Warner

      Morgan I like where your head is at with your answers. Thanks for the comment. Dance never even came to mind at all. Swimming did but I was nto sure if others would agree.

  • BK

    Best lats- swimmers

    And I’m going to disagree with you on Abs -Divers all have six packs. You’ll see a lot of boxers with guts, you’ll never see a thick diver.

    • Ian Warner

      BK that is a good point as you do see plenty of boxers with huge guts, that is worth a DQ for them. Lats though, I am not sure if I can hand that one over to the swimmers. I know they have huge lats but I am not sure if I can say it is better than a sport that works lats non stop.

  • BK

    Best lats -swimmers

    And I’m going to disagree with you on Abs -defiantly divers (Olympic not scuba). You’ll see a lot of boxers with a gut, especially in the higher weight classes but you will never see a diver with a paunch.

  • Shayne

    Can’t discredit hockey players, they definitely have a mean squat. Usually their quads are just massive, mostly from so many bag skates and suicides. They also have huge, powerful forearms from shooting so many pucks in practice. And also have a pretty strong seat from squatting and staying low to the ice every second of every shift. The first place that burns like hell when you skate is your quads, but your glutes aren’t far behind.

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