7 Ways For Athletes to Relax

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I totally feel you. Life moves and it moves fast. You can’t help but to worry, or be afraid of what tomorrow will bring. It can feel like you have so much on your plate that you have to put what is falling off on 2 other plates. You could have also have some ass backwards time management but thats another article.

All I want to talk to you about right now is how to take a chill pill (without actualy putting anything in your mouth of course). Nothing bugs me more than getting worked up over nothing so this is how I unwind.

1. The Sauna

Personally this is my favorite place to go to get in coolaxing mode. They are hot and they make you sweat but they make you sweat in a much different way than sports do. A lot of time in sports you sweat and do not even realize you are sweating. In the sauna you sweat and if you concentrate you can almost feel it come out of each individual pore.

Sit in them alone or with a good freind when you need to relax. Throw water on the coals and the sound of the steam coming off of them represents the stress of your days leaving your body. Think about all that is bugging you and let it out. Once you open that door to leave you leave your problems in the sauna to burn up.

2. Massages

Every athlete loves a good massage. Actually let me rephrase that. Every human loves a good massage. Messages are meant to flush the garbage out of our muscles that we do not want and keep them healthy. People often fall asleep when getting a long enough massage. Why you ask, because they are so RELAXED.

3. Stop and Think With Your Eyes Closed

We so rarely ever stop and just really think things through. We get worked up when deep down inside we know that we are going to be ok. Life is going to keep going on and in a few years we will not even remember what got us worked up in the first place.

Stop and really analyze what in life is stressing you out and figure out why it is. What is it that is scaring you, or making you feel the way that you are. Slow the world down and bring it back to your pace. We often get caught up in moving at other peoples paces. We play their game when we should  be making the rest of the world play our game.

4. Think About the Elusive Nothing

The most elusive thing to think about is nothing. This is one of my favorite things to do becuase I am really not even sure if it is possible. If you know do not tell me though because I do not care. Thinking of nothing is a cool game because you get LIFE off of your mind. It is like chasing perfection, we know we can’t get it but we still wake up and try.

5. Proper Sleep at Night

It is a lot easier to stress over things when you are just outright tired. Take your ass to bed a few hours earlier.

6. Clear Out the Junk

I read this article last month that talked about how humans love to have things. This is why our rooms and houses are often packed fulled of junk that we tend to never even use. When I though about it, I was one of those people to the max. I would keep all types of things because I figured ONE DAY…. I COULD need it but that day just never comes.

I went home and ended up throwing out half of the things in my room. I realized how much that clutter was taking up room in my brain. When I came back to my much emptier room I was a much happier person and I felt much more relaxed and free.

7. Clear Out What You Do Not Love

This is the toughest of them all. It is a lot easier to throw something out that you do not like than something that is a part of your life. We all have things we keep in our lives and do not like. It could be people, places we go, activites we engage in…The list goes on.

The problem is if we are doing things we hate or do not enjoy we are wasting our brains mental energy. Getting rid of these things will only put you in a wonderful state of relaxation.

So What..

You do not need a pill to chill, you just need some will. If you have some will and you have something that you love in this world and you know how to smile, you will be ok. As I say to all my friends when something goes wrong “You will be IIGHT”.

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About Ian Warner

Ian is a 23 year old from Toronto, beginning his professional athletic career. He is the co-owner of Cover Ground, a blog that discusses all aspects to be a better athlete and the line that clothes them. Ian is very active on his Twitter account.
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