10 Tips on Improving From Season to Season

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I will keep this article short and sweet. No one trains to lose and when you win no one trains to stop improving. Even when I have had injury plagued seasons, there were things I have lived by that helped me improve each year.

10 Tips to Improve From Season to Season:

1. Keep Things Fresh and Lots of Fun

  • Never let practice get stale
  • Find ways to continue feeling like you are still a 5 year old when you train

2. Stay Healthy



  • This is vital because if you are healthy that means you are training and giving yourself a chance to get better.
  • Spend time everyday to keep yourself healthy

5. Be Consistent

  • Strive for perfection on a consistent basis
  • Often people do not improve because they only give their all sometimes

6. Sometimes Less Can Be More

  • Working hard does not mean doing more and more
  • Working hard means getting in quality work

7. If the Season Starts Bad, It Does Not Have to End Bad… NEVER LOSE HOPE

  • Sometimes seasons do not start the way we want them to
  • Champions can turn bad seasons into their best season

8. Last Season is Last Season it is Not a Bed so Dont Rest On It

  • What is done is done it is time to move on
  • Spend time thinking of what you will do tomorrow not thinking about what you did yesterday

9. Expect Great Things From Yourself and Back it Up With Your Work Ethic.

  • How can you have a good season if you do not beleive in your heart that it will be great?
  • Beleive then go to work and never look back

10. Strive to be Better Each and Everyday

  • It does not matter how
  • Find a way to end each day in a better spot than the day before
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About Ian Warner

Ian is a 23 year old from Toronto, beginning his professional athletic career. He is the co-owner of Cover Ground, a blog that discusses all aspects to be a better athlete and the line that clothes them. Ian is very active on his Twitter account.
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